Westside Church of Christ welcomes you to meet her. She is a body of believers that want to be the Bride of Christ. This website is not intended to represent Westside, but to help people find her. Westside has a much stronger web presence on Facebook and we encourage people to find more Westside details there. This page offers some insights about Westside, but you really need to meet the Westside family members in person to get a clear sense of Westside’s personality.



Shepherds: We currently have two leading shepherds (sometimes called “elders”) who have served together for more than a decade – Jeff Hawkins, and Wes Bedwell.

Jeff & Jennifer Hawkins


Wes & Michele Bedwell







Westside follows a shepherd plan in which the leading shepherds care for the entire flock (the congregation) and coordinate with shepherd leaders of smaller parts of the larger flock.

Transitional Experience

Westside has experienced two decades of transition from a 1950s traditional church of Christ model to a more relational perspective that engages people from many backgrounds. We still worship within the cappella heritage, but we want to engage contemporary culture. We believe God calls us to serve Him as that call appears in Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:16-20, and Luke 10.

New generations of young adults, young children, and teens are struggling with competing time commitments in work, family, spiritual family life, education, and extracurricular school activities. For example, young Christian families in the community attend Sunday morning athletic tournaments and evening practices Monday thru Saturday. We want to engage young families wherever we can find them instead of bemoaning their absence from traditional worship and Bible study gatherings.

Westside joined in fellowship with about 20 Sullivan County congregations of various denominations (we prefer to call them “tribes”) in September 2015 to promote spiritual revival in Sullivan County. That momentous fellowship has grown into an ongoing ecumenical focus on the spiritual richness that has emerged within the Kingdom of God as each tribe’s spiritual heritage contributes to the Kingdom’s lush diversity in Sullivan County.


Westside is mostly a melting pot of people from diverse spiritual backgrounds and life experiences. Worshipers from Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic and other Christian fellowships break bread together every week in our family. Our people are truck drivers, correctional officers, social workers, healthcare professionals, school teachers, marketing executives, realtors, building contractors, lawyers, business owners, utility workers, homemakers, factory workers, retail store workers, and retirees.

Emerging Path

Westside’s leadership wants to make disciples in non-traditional ways because traditional discipleship efforts have consistently borne too little fruit. We want to become spiritually and relationally stronger. We also want to provide an environment for the “Millennial Generation” and the newly identified “Generation Z” to discover and explore our Savior and build authentic relationships with and among the community of faith that He established.

We are exploring how we can use all available resources to make disciples more effectively in this hectic world. We will not “throw out the baby with the bath water,” but we want to reconsider most church functions. For example, we consider such elements as when and where we gather, whether we have traditional sermons, and what we do in our gatherings to be legitimate subjects for critical evaluation. Regardless of what we do or how we do it, we want to live and grow as Christ in our community.

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