Westside Ministries


Westside Ministries are growing constantly. Celebrate Recovery and our Youth Ministry have grown to the extent of needing their own pages on this website, so please check them out. More importantly, please plug in and experience them for yourself.

CaptureLIFE Groups

We believe deeply that simple church/house church paradigms offer pathways to more authentic and enduring spiritual development and we are transforming into a congregation of house churches. We have adopted  “Living In Fellowship Everyday,” or “LIFE” as the expression of this focus.

12347606_1072302312789216_3708788118100916951_nKids Hope USA

We have embraced Kids Hope USA (http://www.kidshopeusa.org/) as a way for our mentors encourage children that Sullivan Elementary School has identified as needing positive role models. Each mentor nurtures a student for one hour per week while each mentor’s prayer partner conducts intercessory prayer for the mentor and student. Our kids Hope participants report encouraging progress through this ministry.

11958099_1030772780275503_6561720767323984831_oCrisis Care and Healing

We have experience with loving broken people through all kinds of painful crises, but we want to become better at it. More specifically, we want more people to become better at it. We will increasingly add resources to help people recover from heartache and loss.

11800629_1012116708807777_7425402941331625702_n    Family Support    

We want to focus resources to teach children and young families more effectively. We are coordinating our Bible education system to connect children and adults more comprehensively than the common system of teaching children with material that is unrelated to the adult curricula. We are also directing our LIFE Groups to engage busy families on the go instead of expecting busy families to squeeze themselves into inflexible timetables that add more stress to their overloaded lives.